Last call for Art Lovers: British Landscape art in Oman part 2

13 November is a special date for local artists, patrons, practitioners of fine art in the Sultanate of Oman. Out of Britain, a collection of 52 pieces of art and sculpture, part of the British Council Collection, will be on public view till 19 December, 2012. This unique exhibition is hosted by the British Council in partnership with the Bait Al Zubair foundation and museum in Muscat, the capital city and features some of the finest pieces of British landscape art spanning the last 100 years.

Holistic vision

Maryam Al Zedjali, Director of the Omani Society for Fine Arts:  “Art in Oman only really began 32 years ago so comparatively has a very short history. Instead of sending our artists abroad to see such masterpieces – we are elated that they are coming to us, thanks to the British Council and Bait Al Zubair. We commend both the British Council and Bait Al Zubair for their valuable ongoing contributions to the art and artists of Oman.  We thank His Excellency Mohammad Al Zubair, Sarah White (Bait Al Zubair) and Paul Doubleday (British Council) for their involvement with Omani art that compliments government initiative in this field projecting a holistic vision.”

Call for Art lovers

Maryam Al Zedjali: “This exhibition is a great opportunity for our community to engage with important pieces that are part of the global history of art. As an artist myself I am excited to learn more specifically about the development of British art, as I am more familiar with other European master’s work. As the Director of the Omani Society for Fine Arts we are delighted to work with the British Council and Bait Al Zubair Museum to present this show and use it as a development tool for our artists in Oman, it is our joint responsibility to promote different types of art to our community. It is interesting to also compare eras between our two countries.”

Malik bin Fahmy Al Hinai, Director Bait Al Baranda:  The exhibited masters, will truly help the local Omani artist understand the various concepts and mediums they used to create their works and they will in turn learn a range of techniques. As Art is gradually growing in the Sultanate, this firmly reiterates the need to introduce such quality events from time to time”.

Hassan Meer, one of Oman’s leading artist’s: This exhibition is a call for all the art lovers and specially the students to benefit from viewing the show and learning about the master artists. I would like to thank both British Council and the Bait Al Zubair Museum for hosting a show that would create great social value. I hope they continue bringing and having great exhibitions to improve the local art scene, especially artists and pioneers from Europe.



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