Flower Power

For ten years ‘Dhofari flowers’ in As Salam street is the meeting place for Salalah ladies who like to change their wardrobe on a regular base. Every week new colourful textiles with flower designs arrives in the shop. The textiles are made in China and India.

on the catwalk

on the catwalk

Every year between June and September, as the only region in the Arabian Gulf, Dhofar is affected by the south west monsoon climate. Like a wizard, the moisture condenses on trees and plants, flora and fauna start moving, people socialise, the Khareef is reborn.

kind of Pointillisme

kind of Pointillisme

For landscapepainters who love Pointillisme its paradise. The hills of the Dhofar Mountain Range, and in particularly Jebel Qara and Jebel Qamar turns into a playground of greenery with coloured spots. The greenery dotted with soft and bright floral colours are perfect for this neo-impressionist painting technique.

Flower Power

Flower Power

Wild plants always played a central role in Dhofar in earlier ages and their diligent exploitation was vital to man and beast.



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