Focal Point

Treasure box

In 1975 jewelry in gold gave the soukh in Salalah, Dhofar its proper name: Gold soukh. Around 1984-1985 silver jewelry became fashion. First there were the khanjars, swords and sticks in silver and slowly little silver ornaments appeared. First one could only ‘buy’ jewelry, later on ‘renting’ of jewelry for marriages became more fashion.

My favorite piece

My favorite piece

The shop ‘Treasure of Gold’ exists 23 year. Now, Treasure of Gold, is 12 years a family business. Noman Majeed (19), originally from Pakistan, keeps the shop. From 11 years old he was interested in making jewelry. His father, who is already for 35 years jeweler, was his teacher.

Dhofar design for the head

Dhofar design for the head

The Arabic -Dhofari designs of the jewelry in silver and in gold-platted are drawn by hand by a friend of his father. His father and his brother make the frames. Majeed set the glass-pearls. He chooses the colors, with spectacular results. The ready- made jewelry comes from Dubai and from Yemen. The jewelry from Yemen is 40 till 45 years old. Only a small part of the jewelry in his shop is for rent for marriages. Opening the door of’ Treasure of Gold’ ( or Kanz al Dahab) is like opening a jewelry box full of colorful and surprising designs where time doesn’t exist.

Setting the glass pearls

Setting the glass pearls


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