Election talks

For the first time, Oman has municipal elections.

Can somebody tell me more?

Can somebody tell me more?

Mohammed Al Rahbi – Oman Observer: “The society is getting prepared for a different new social initiative which was not experienced before in the community; it is the establishment of municipal councils. After establishing one council for consultation serving one major goal which is Oman, the homeland without any regional barriers and interests, here comes the experience of the municipal councils for each governorate in the Sultanate. These councils symbolise small Shura councils in all governorates to present its needs and demands to meet the circumstances of place and time. They are intended to work in social co-operation within a contemporary and modern system in a bid to avoid any bureaucratic and centralised issues. ”

Ali Al Matani – Oman Observer: “Holding these elections has many implications and connotations for a widespread participation in the decision making process. This great chance should not be missed. Every citizen should avail of this great opportunity to be involved in active participation and real interactions with this new experience that is getting bigger day after day. The experience of political participation in our country has been a new one, which is set to evolve further. Municipal elections stem from this vision.”

Aziza Al Habsiya – Oman Observer: “It’s time for women to gear up for this yet another momentous event in the calendar of the country.”

According to the Municipal Election Law issued last year, any Omani citizen, aged 30 is eligible to stand as a candidate. Members of the State Council and Majlis Ash’shura and government employees and security personnel are not allowed to contest.

Wilayats (governorates) with an Omani population of less than 30,000 will choose two representatives, while those with more than 30,000 Omani inhabitants will elect four members. There will be six elected representatives from wilayats with a local population of above 60,000.

For Dhofar, in the south of the Sultanate having ten wiliyats, the number of elected municipal council members will 24 persons in total.

Okay now I know enough, lets vote !

Okay now I know enough, lets vote !


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