Last call: 9th and 10th of January, two days to pick up a good art piece whilst contributing to a worthy cause!

ART 100×100 is a unique charity exhibition presented by Ghaliani Art and sponsored by Bait Al Zubair Foundation and Oman Arab bank. The exhibition unites artists who have been personally moved or affected by cancer, and personal stories and dedications accompany each piece. 100 artworks by 100 artists are exhibited and sold for 100 Rials each and 100%  will go to support the noble work of Oman Cancer Association.

Being together

Artist: Pragya Bhatnagar,  Title: Being Together: “This painting is the story of a real life brave hearted child and her mother. It is a tribute to a daughter who fought bravely with cancer before succumbing to it. It is a grand salute to her mother who shaved off her head to comfort her daughter and make her feel beautiful while she was going through her treatment.”


Artist: Anitha Satish, Title: Colours: “The vibrant colors give a positive feeling. Colors add life and it reminds us that there is more to black and white. This piece of love is a dedication to my daughter, Aparna Satish (Appu), who is with The Lord now. She use to love colors and we feel that she lives in this painting. We love and miss Appu a lot!”

Falaj of Life

Artist : Virginia den Hartog, Title : Falaj of Life: “Falaj of life has a life of its own through art and the inspiration of others. I began this piece in May after visiting my mother in Canada when she appeared healthy. The re-incarnation of this art work four months later represents the transition of my feelings from the time my mother was healthy until her passing suddenly with liver cancer in August 2012. Water became a very significant symbol for me on the last night I spent with my dear mother as I had to swab her lips with water as she could no longer drink on her own.”

Glimmer of Hope

Title: Glimmer of Hope: “Who says cancer reflects suffering alone? Look for the magical wand lost in the ocean of pain … unveil the mask of fear and loneliness; beneath lies the confidence and the glimmer of hope through the mist. Hold them firmly and grab the support from helping hands; you will find the angel of salvation. The painting is dedicated to a 5 year old loving kid “Aditiya” who lost his life due to cancer may he rest in peace.”

The Loosing Battle

Artist: Aryel Llanzana, Title: Losing Battle: “I painted roses, because my mom and my aunt loved roses, I selected pink as it represents breast cancer, the reason of my Aunt’s death 1 year ago. I added a human figure beside the vase, that figure shows emotions of sorrow and struggle. This is the pose I saw my mother sitting in her room when she found out that she had colon cancer. I will never forget that scenario she just sat in the corner of her room without any movement. I sat there thinking how I should help or talk to her. This is my tribute to her losing battle!”

The Oman Cancer Association (formerly known as the National Association of Cancer Awareness) founded by cancer survivor The Hon. Yuthar Al-Rawahy recently celebrated their 10th anniversary. The organization has had a number of flagship projects that include the mobile mammography service that has screened more than 6,000 ladies in the past 2 years gaining recognition from His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said and the United Nations. Dar Al Hanaan is also another notable scheme providing full board and lodging, a shuttle service, psychological and educational support for children with cancer and their families who live outside Muscat; that has had a positive impact on the management of their disease. Their next big enterprise will focus palliative care. Fund raising activities have included cancer survivors cycling from Muscat to Salalah, a solo kayak adventure along the coast of Oman and various fun runs. “Art 100×100” is an extension of these initiatives and hopes to raise awareness and funds to combat this disease with your support. The Hon. Yuthar Al-Rawahy: “We appreciate everyone who volunteers to assist us with our work, all our stakeholders and philanthropic supporters and commend all those who fund-raise for us.  Together we can make a meaning difference to our society.

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