ART100X100 against cancer, and the result is….

HE The Hon Yuthar Al Rawahi, Ibrahim Gailani, Sarah White against cancer

The unique exhibition in January supported by Bait Al Zubair and sponsored by Oman Arab Bank and who was the initiative of artist Ibrahim Gailani and all the contributing artists have been affected by this disease in some way, raised R.O. 7200.

Ibrahim Al Gailani: “cancer today touches us all, this exhibition was all about tributes… tributes of struggles, tributes of survival, and tributes to souls passed on. I am humbled and grateful for the appreciation encouragement and support that everybody gave me in order to make this event successful and achieve such overwhelming results.

HE The Hon Yuthar Al Rawahi, chairperson of the Oman Cancer Association presented certificates of appreciation to all the artists and the Bait Al Zubair team. She also presented a special award to Ibrahim Gailani and Bait Al Zubair Foundation.

HE The Hon Yuthar Al Rawahi: “it is our collective responsibility to raise awareness and fight this disease.” She pointed out that on a global scale cancer was on the increase which is alarming. She invited all present to view their facility and the Mobile Mammography Unit – that is just about to set off once more and travel throughout Oman providing much needed services, as early detection is vital to combat this disease.

Sarah White of Bait Al Zubair concluded: “we often get involved with efforts to raise funds for charity through art shows and other events but this one was very personal and touched us all.  We were honoured to play our part and are grateful to all those involved. We acknowledge and respect the noble work and aims of the Oman Cancer Association.”

Congratulations to all.

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