Fasten your seat belts

The Delicious Dance Academy’ is in town! For the first time in the cultural history of the Indian Social Club in Salalah, a guest group was on stage. Twenty five artists invited by the Punjabi wing filled the sky till midnight with music, and dance. “But in fact forty five people came down to Salalah for ‘Bollywood Nite,’ says the chairman Mr. Singh.

The choreography, or the art of designing sequences of movements in which motion, form or both are specified, was done by ‘Delicious Sahadevan.’ In his Dance Academy in Muscat singing and dancing are teached to two hundred students. “For this performance I went for a mix of Bollywood dancing and freestyle dancing” he says. For him it is obvious: “composer, singer-songwriter, music-producer A.R. Rahman has changed the contemporary Indian film music with much more variations and innovations.



‘Delicious’ is a choreographer from Mumbay with a long association with Bollywood. For five, six years he was assistant choreographer to singer, performer, video director and Bollywood choregrapher Ganesh Hegde. For three years he assisted Vaibhavi Merchant, well-known Bollywood dance choreographer. Delicious assisted in Bollywood movies such as Rabne Bana di Jodi, Delhi 6, Dostana, No problem and Luck by Chance. He has been part of international shows. The most famous is the TV-show, Just Dance.









Social Indian Club Salalah: Key persons: Mr. Manpreet Singh (Chairman) 99498939, Dr. Khader Nawaz Khan (Gen. Secretary) 99488698, Mr. Rajan (manager) 99691457

Delicious Dance Academy:,


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