Bollywood Heights

Whether coincidence or not, but after the performance of the ‘Delicious Dance Academy‘ ‘in Salalah, in a little new video and music shop in Lulu Supermarket, I found the songs-DVD ‘Bollywood Heights‘ with title songs of composer, singer-songwriter, music producer, musician, multi-instrumentalist and philanthropist ‘A.R. Rahman.’

Out of 30 title songs I choose two:

Tu Muskura – Yuvvraaj

Jai Ho – Slumdog Millionaire

Behind ‘Bollywood Heights’

While the music industry was still lacking the much-needed appreciation to get popular amongst the masses, an ordinary man named ‘Gulshan Kumar’ entered from nowhere and raised the industry to its unbelievable heights. By presenting the general public what it wanted, Gulshan Kumar successfully infused life and energy into the music industry. Established by Gulshan Kumar, Super Cassettes Industries Limited (SCIL) became the topmost music company in India. He founded the T-Series music label, under the same music company, which eventually turned into one of the top music labels in India. Today, T-Series is the largest producer and publisher of music and videos in the country. It runs the business of publishing original soundtrack from movies, remixes, old devotional songs, new-age albums, melodies from the 1960’s, and pop hits of the 1990’s. It not only covers over 60% of the Indian music market, but also exports music to 24 countries across six continents. With over 2500 dealers in India, T-Series has the largest distribution network.He was the top tax payer for the financial year 1992-93. Word has it that he got involved with the Indian Mafia, or the Mumbai Underworld, known for financing Bollywood movies. He refused to succumb to the extortion demands, which was why it is believed that he was shot dead. Gulshan Kumar was 41 years old. His son ‘Bhushan Kumar‘ took over Super Cassettes Industries Limited. Today the music company has ventured into not only acquiring soundtracks but also in new media like mobile, on-line digital, IPTV, FM & Satellite Radio along with producing movies.  The daughter of Gulshan Kumar, ‘Tulsi Kumar,’ is a celebrated playback singer.


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