My Way

There are people who dream and there are people who make their dreams come true. Amira Al Shanfari belongs to the second type.

Amira likes to walk through her universe she created

Amira likes to walk through her universe she created

In 2008 she created ‘ Princess of the Universe’ a beauty salon for women in Salalah, in the south of Oman. “Based on my experience in Muscat where I had two beauty salons, I wanted to offer a ‘whole’ universe to women I had in mind. In Salalah nothing much existed.” To realize her plan she went to the Ministry of Manpower. She subscribed for the Sanad program, a funding program to encourage individual initiatives and self employment projects. “In the beginning the project was not really accepted. It took a lot of persuasion.” Finally with the help of the Sanad program and own investment Amira Al Shanfari established her dream.

sfeer 1

In Saad’a, nearby Salalah, in a big house, in rooms in bright colours, Amira created a universe where she likes to walk through. Beside a beauty salon, there is space for aerobics and space for Arabic, Egyptian dance. For weddings, a common activity in Salalah, there is a shop with abaya’s and dresses to rent.

sfeer 2

To relax she established a coffeeshop. To give young mothers the opportunity to enjoy their time, the house offer babysitting services. The rates that Amira ask for the services are very democratic. “All kind of women are welcome in my universe,” she said. Monthly about 118 till 200 women from Taqah, Mirbat, Salalah, Rakhut enjoy the services of the 23 people working in Princess of the Universe.

sfeer 3

In the meanwhile, Amira, mother of five boys, who likes to be active and independent, started to create an offer for men and young boys. In a new building in Saad’a, she found space for a salon with sport and beauty facilities for men and play facilities for male youngsters. “Within a few months it will become their universe,” she firmly believes.

another dream


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