Talks of the Camel (part 5)

For the second time Dhofar in the south of the Sultanate of Oman witnessed the love the camel farmers have for their animals. And then I am not only talking about the camel farmers of Oman, but also about the camel farmers of the Gulf countries. On a hugh festival area more than 1000 camels with their owners lived peacefully together.

The Festival with the camel in the main role‘ was especially organized during the south west monsoon or the Khareef. Also tourists from the GCC could participate or visit the festival.

For five days competition went on. At the end the best milking camels, the most beautiful camels, the biggest camels…were chosen and rewarded. Camel farmers won trucks and saloon cars, checks and gifts. And of course having a rewarded camel increases the commercial value of the animal. Beside competition such a festival is also business as usual.

Behind the festival there was a huge logistic organization. Private companies and ministries joined forces. Aside the festival there was traditional food and handicraft, a women’s matter. I was there and brought this reportage with.

Festival Fever

Festival Fever 1 (1024x768)Festival Fever 2 (768x1024)Festival Fever 3  (1024x768)Festival Fever 4 (768x1024)Festival Fever 5 (1024x768)Festival Fever 6 (1024x768)


awarded 2(1024x768)awarded1 (768x1024)awarded2 (768x1024)awarded 3 (1024x768)awarded 4 (1024x768)

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