Focal Point


For three days established award-winning Omani photographer Hamad Albusaidi was guest of honor in the workshop ‘Studio Photography’ in the Photographic Society in Salalah in the south of the Sultanate.  In a relaxed way, he shared his knowledge and experience with twenty professional and semi-professional photographers. He guided them through themes such as settings, digital photography, photoshop and the use of ‘light.’

Run Away, Hamad Albusaidi

Run Away, Hamad Albusaidi

“When I started with black and white photography, only a manual camera and natural light, with the sun as source, were my tools.” For capturing the light and having the best result in his photographic art Albusaidi went on a quest. A quest that guided him to the Far East where the natural light is at his highest point. Also by studying, reading and practising he discovered more and more the secrets and the technique of how to dance with natural light, as also stated on his website. His search resulted in photographic art that is awarded and recognized worldwide. The action photo ‘Run Away’ and the portrait of the ‘Little monk’ explains very well what he means with his dance with natural light.

DSCN6623 (711x1024)DSCN6631 (800x600)DSCN6634 (800x600)DSCN6632 (600x800)DSCN6630 (1024x768)


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