Off the road

And the winner is….

I like dance, movies and special design. Three creative minds – that I like to share with you and who are working in this disciplines – has won prices.

In the German ‘Jahrbuch Tanz,’ the Belgium choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (similar to my name) was chosen as ‘Dancer of the year 2013.’ She got the title for her performance in her presentation ‘Partita 2.’

The marvelous and unforgettable violinist and conductor Yehudi Menuhin once said that the chaconne in Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Partita for Violin No. 2” was “the most brilliant structure for solo violin ever to be written”.

This elementary piece serves as the musical basis for a sensational duet by two of the most influential contemporary choreographers in Europe: Belgium Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Frenchman Boris Charmatz. The masterly French solo violinist Amandine Beyer plays live on the stage designed by Belgium visual artist Michel François.

Via the newspapers in Oman I discovered the films of ‘Maitham al Musawi.‘ Al Musawi, Omani doctor by profession and already international award winner, received the Best Young Director Award at the third Malmo Arab Festival held in Sweden for his short film ‘Popcorn.’ Popcorn does not have dialogues and uses the visual medium to tell the story of an Omani family’s traditional celebration of their child’s first birthday and his journey in life. The film merges Omani culture with the visual poetry of cinema. In January next year the short film is on display in Bulgaria. There it is the first Omani film to be selected for the popular Sofia MENAR (Middle East and North Africa region) Film Festival.

Out of the several concepts that won the ‘Lamp Lighting Solutions Awards 2013‘ as shown in Archdaily, I choose ‘Collective Light for Rural Africa in Mali by Matteo Ferroni. The Italian architect stated on his website: ‘FOROBA YELEN Collective light for rural Mali’ is the name given by the women from a Mali village to the lighting prototype I created after two years spent between Bamako National Library and the villages. An appropriate technology inspired by cultural heritage to overcome darkness and fosterwomen’s work, education and rituals.


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