Focal Point

Adventure of Science (part 2)

It was a pity. But for the workshop on astronomy the sky was too cloudy to look at the stars. Important message to the participants who attended the last workshop of the fourth edition of the Science week Oman – for the first time held in Salalah –Dhofar was very simple. Astronomy doesn’t deserve the reputation as an expensive hobby. You just need to begin with the right advice. Everyone who participated at the workshop received a certificate.

DSCN7323 (640x480)


Oman has always been connected with Astronomy. In the past, the movements of planets and stars were followed for navigation by sea. In the Museum of the Land of Frankincense on the Al-Baleed site in Salalah, one can find objects like the ‘kamal’, ‘astrolabes’ and a ‘celestial globe.’ The use of stars in timing irrigation water appears to be carried out only in Oman, especially in the north where traditional irrigation systems called aflaj (s. falaj) are still an important part of community life. Nowadays only in eight falaj communities stars are still used.

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