Fest of joy

Till the 13th of October, every evening, nine days long, the Indian Social Club in Salalah, Dhofar witnesses the ‘Rangma Navrati Festival.’ A colorful event full of devotion, joy and passion for almost 28 years organized by the Gujarati  wing – one of the twelve linguistic regional wings of the Indian Social Club.

DSCN7426 (590x800)DSCN7496 (600x800)

During Navratri festival, in most of the cities of Gujarat and in Mumbai people gather and perform dances. Especially for the music seven artists from Mumbai were invited. The drums give the rhythm, the traditional songs are divine. The dance with the hands (Garba) and the dance with the sticks (Dandia) are devotional for the Maa Ambe and Nav Durga, literally nine forms of Goddess or divine Mother.

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The dancers – the people – ask the divine power for prosperity, health, peace for themselves and for all the people in the world. The dates of the festival, twice a year, are determined according to the lunar calendar.


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