Off the road

Preview of a story writer

Like everywhere in the world adult women in Salalah, Dhofar in the south of Oman take the change through adult education to improve their Arabic reading and writing to help their children. From 1975 educational opportunities are also available for adults who missed out on the chance to study. For the Arabic writing it is tradition to use a classic pencil with a soft sharp point.

The tradition of the idea of ‘Pen of the year’ by Graf von Faber-Castell dates from 2003. Writing with the ‘Pen of the Year 2014’ is another story. This new limited edition has the architecture and materials of the ‘Agate Pavilion’ – which is part of the world-famous Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg – as inspiration. The ‘Agate’ Rooms have their name from the dark-red jasper, which can only be found in Russia and with its white flecks also known asblood agate.’ Under the direction of master craftsman Boris Igdalov, the workshop of Zarskoje Selo/Puschkin was able to complete the feat of restoring the Agate Pavilions in September 2013. Igdalov was personally involved in the creation of the 2014’s Pen of the Year.


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