Focal Point

My first time

In the Gallery of the ‘Photographic Society Salalah’ in the south of Oman, twenty eight works of fourteen new members are for the first time exhibited. The Photographic Society Salalah with already around 250 members keeps on growing. The exhibition is a kaleidoscope of works of photographers inspired by nature, people and daily objects. About seventy percent of the members are men. From the fourteen new members, three are women.

DSCN7805 (640x480)

“Osama” who became passionate for photography through his relationship with his uncle, a photographer for Oman TV, joined the Society so that he has more opportunity to show his work on a regular base in Oman and abroad.

DSCN7807 (480x640)

“Marwah” joined the Photographic Society to develop more skills for the type of photographs she wants to make.

DSCN7812 (640x480)DSCN7800 (640x480)

Till the 21st of November the works of the fourteen new members are on display in the gallery of the Photographic Society Salalah in the buildings nearby KFC. The gallery is from Sunday till Thursday open from 8am till 8pm.

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