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Young learned, old done

On the occasion of the 43rd National Day, Oman is celebrating. From 18 November until the end of the month, it is allowed to put stickers on cars. Indian books on His Majesty are re- launched. Books for collecting tributes for Sultan Qaboos bin Said circulate around. A model ship ‘ Loyalty and Gratitude’ is taken around….Traditionally there is a military parade and firework. Like in the north also in the south of Oman, in Salalah, Taqah and Mirbat in the east and Dhalkut in the west people dressed in the colors of the National flag (white for peace, red for defense and green for fertility) gather on the streets and bring homage to the current leader Sultan Qaboos bin Said, also called the architect of the modernization. And most important, youngsters are proud to take part of the festivities. On the occasion of the 43th National Day, 27th and 28th November are holidays for the private and the public sector. 

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