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The benefits of the Arabian Leopard (part 2)

In the future, every time when I pass Jebel Samhan in the east of Dhofar, I will remember the  ‘International Arabian Leopard Conference,’ that finished today. 

DSCN8810 (800x600)

Eighty people from organizations involved in wildlife and conservation programs, from institutions and from ministries, divided over five workshops discussed about several issues regarding the conservation of the Arabian leopard in Dhofar in general and in Jebel Samhan nature reserve in particular.

DSCN8800 (800x600)DSCN8801 (800x600)DSCN8823 (800x600)

Late afternoon, vote of thanks and concluding remarks closed this event that attracted around 150 participants during the 13 presentations on the first day. The conference was not only about words. About 35 boys and girls from 7 till 13 year, from 3 schools in Mirbat with Jebel Samhan in the backyard , were informed about the lifestyle, the value and the threats the Arabian leopard faces. Young learned is old done!!!

DSCN8837 (600x800)

DSCN8832 (800x600)DSCN8843 (579x800)DSCN8856 (800x600)

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