Twice enjoying life cycles

In India, Rajasthan in the west is 2.377km far away from Tamil Nadu in the south. Yesterday, in Dhofar, in the south of Oman, in the morning at Dahariz beach I witnessed the ‘Kite festival’ of the Rajasthan wing. In the evening I watched “Pongal Visha,” of the Tamil Wing in the Indian Social Club Salalah. About 700.000 Indians lives in Oman. 80.000 Indian lives in Dhofar in the South. In Dhofar there are 12 linguistic regional wings with 2000 members. The Indian Social Club Salalah has 700 members.

“Rajasthan,” one of the 12 linguistic wings, celebrated the annual “Makara Sankranti,” marking the approaching of spring and is celebrated all over India. For the first time in Oman the typical ‘Kite Festival’ took place on Dahariz beach, together with dance and games. Before the meteorological technology kites were used to measure the direction of the wind. The only problem with the strong wind was to keep the kites into the sky.

DSCN9337 (290x218)DSCN9357 (290x218)

DSCN9400 (218x290)DSCN9393 (218x290)DSCN9405 (218x290)

DSCN9316 (218x290)DSCN9331 (218x290)DSCN9374 (218x290)

The “Tamil wing” celebrated the “Pongal Visha” festival. A colorful youthful event with dance and film music in the main role. ‘Pongal’ is a harvest festival, a traditional occasion for giving thanks to nature, for celebrating the life cycles that give us grain.

DSCN9481 (290x218)DSCN9489 (290x218)

DSCN9431 (218x290)DSCN9500 (218x290)DSCN9539 (218x290)

DSCN9514 (290x218)DSCN9548 (290x218)

DSCN9552 (290x218)DSCN9582 (290x218)

DSCN9415 (290x218)DSCN9563 (290x218)

DSCN9533 (218x290)

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