A turban that matches your personality

Today I had an unexpected meeting with a delightful surprise. In Taqah, in the east of Salalah, by coincidence I met Fatma. After a short talk and a tea in the maghelas (sitting room) she told me that she made authentic turbans on demand.  A turban is a customary head wear, usually worn by men. Fatma buys the textiles, color them in brown, black or green and ornament them with beautiful embroidery.

Photo0078 (1)

Twenty five years ago, six women of her village in Taqah mountain learned each other this craftmanship. But soon life got in the way. She married and became mother of nine children. One year ago she started again to embroider turbans. Via Whatsapp, the neighbours and the visits in her house, she becomes more well-known. Fatma likes to play with colors in the turbans.




Her designs are very basic or sophisticated chic. For the traditional turban size she needs six days. For the readymade triangle size, a new trend in the turban, she needs three days of work.  How many turbans she already made, she doesn’t know exactly, about sixty she thinks.  Pending on the demand of the client she asks 20 OMR till 25 OMR per turban. Fatma doesn’t want to sit at home, doing nothing. She just want to improve her income to buy nice things for herself and the family.


For a turban on demand: Abdullah +968 92990045


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