First ladies

The Al Nasr Club, one of the four clubs in the city of Salalah, Dhofar in the south of Oman, captured the 43rd Sultan Qaboos Cup Hockey Championship title for the fifth time. Todays closing ceremony  was special in several ways.

Anisa, better known as Umm mazin (mother of Mazin) is the first woman in Dhofar who will manage the women sport branch of the club.

DSCN9606 (763x1024)

The closing ceremony was the first activity Anisa organizes for women. Thirty mothers of the players who won attended a special evening in the Chamber of Commerce.

DSCN9611 (1024x768)

More than forty women were present to listen to a special lecture around topics such as, how to encourage the children to develop their abilities in sport, or how to raise the level of their possibilities through sport even if the child has autism. The lecture also encouraged the women to do sport, as it is good for mind and soul. After the lecture the mothers received a certificate of excellence and a little gift. The successful event was ended with a little snack and a drink.

DSCN9636 (263x350)DSCN9637 (263x350)

DSCN9638 (263x350)DSCN9642 (263x350)

DSCN9643 (263x350)DSCN9648 (263x350)

DSCN9664 (1024x768)



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