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“When I was a boy, I looked at the world map. There I find a place called ‘Empty Quarter.’ It sounds mysterious. Now, during my first visit to Salalah, I was in the Empty Quarter and saw the beauty and the live in it.” For a while the Empty Quarter became the playground of the photographer Bret Webster. “It is nature that units my home country in the States with Oman. Particularly the desert I like. My whole live I lived in the desert in Utah, a canyon desert. That’s why perhaps I felt immediately at home in the Rub al Khali, better known as the Empty Quarter.”

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Webster, owner of Bret Webster Images has been asked by the US State Department to visit the US Embassies in Kuwait and Oman, to exhibit and to give lectures about his works and his views how to capture the beauty of nature. On his request the journey in Oman started in Salalah. This evening, with an exhibition of ten photographs of mainly the desert canyons of Utah, Arizona in cooperation with the Photographic society in the gallery of the Omani Society for Fine Arts and with a lecture, Bret tried to express in words the beauty of nature that he normally captures with his pictures. Beside technical information he described the environment where he lives and expressed several times his admiration for the place. Sharing the views and the point of views he took with his camera was his main goal. “Because after all human beings are the link in the mystery and the beauty of the universe and we have the ability to communicate with one another,” he stated.

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About sixty people attended the evening. Questions were asked, answers were given.

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Bret Webster will first visit another part of Dhofar, before heading to Muscat for a workshop in the Photography Department in the High College of Technology. Beside visiting the capital city of Oman,Wahibi sands and Jebal Akhdar, on the 5th of Februar, there will be the opening of his exhibition and on the 6th of Februar there will be a workshop open for everyone interested in his works.

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