I Can Swim !!!

The Al-Saada Sports Complex of Salalah-Dhofar has a beautiful Olympic swimming pool. Finally, this month under the auspices of the Ministry of Sports Affairs for the first time, the doors were opened for women to learn to swim.

Swim instructor Anissa

Swim instructor Anissa

Women from Tunis, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Morocco together with twenty five women from Oman learn to swim. The reason for the women is clear, they want to lose weight. With this project the Ministry wants to make the women aware of the benefits of sport. Then they will encourage their children, especially the girls, to do sport. For this first six months session, about forty participants are divided into two groups. One group combines 1 hour aerobic with 1 hour swimming. The other group has only 1 hour swimming. Still women can subscribe. After six months another session will start. Besides water confidence, proper breathing, swimming techniques are learned. During the sessions there are talks about healthy food, the benefit of other sports like walking, and because of the fact that a lot of households have a housemaid also the benefits of doing housekeeping are told.

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Swimming for ladies, Al-Saada Sports Complex, fees: 25 OMR for locals and 30 OMR for expats for 6 months, 2 hours per week (Sunday and Tuesday), from 7pm till 8pm or from 8pm till 9pm. Contact: Anissa, 93873860 from 10am till 12pm during working days and from 7pm till 9pm on Sunday and Tuesday.

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