Another shopping experience

Yesterday, for the second time, music was in the air in the Salalah Gardens shopping mall. Young bands, in this case two bands from Salalah with traditional music, entertained the visitors for almost three hours. Inside the malls as well in the landscaped garden with outdoor space for sitting, music and dance was performed.

DSCN0864 (338x450)DSCN0873 (338x450)DSCN0867 (450x338)DSCN0955 (338x450)DSCN0899 (338x450)DSCN0886 (450x338)DSCN0929 (450x338)DSCN0935 (450x338)DSCN0897 (450x338)

The evening on each Friday has a double goal. The management of the mall wants to give the visitors another shopping experience. In the second place, young bands can be in the picture, so that the public learn to know them. Focus in the coming weeks is on all genres of music.

Another shopping experience on Friday in the Salalah Gardens shopping mall from 8pm till 10/11pm

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