And the winner is….

Writing is struggling with words. For the writer “Zuhair,” a drama for theatre, it is more than a struggle. After fifteen years, he still didn’t realize the novel he wants to write. The story goes about traditions in a village, about marriage, about cheating. At a certain moment the characters of his novel start to fight with him. Zuhair refuses to give in on the characters. On the stage, the movements of the players underline in a subtle and sometimes strong way the fight in the words between the writer and the characters. At the end, when papers are destroyed and scattered all over the stage, it seems that nobody wins.

DSCN1620 (640x480)DSCN1626 (640x480)DSCN1636 (480x640)DSCN1683 (640x480)

First there was a local competition between four clubs in Salalah. “Zuhair” from the Al Nasr Club was the winner. This evening, with “Zuhair,” Dhofar, participates in the first National Competition for youth drama in the Sultanate. In total they are nine participants. At the end of the month March the winner will be chosen by a jury involved in theatre, drama, television and film.

DSCN1685 (640x480)

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