Re-view of a Festival (part 5)

Organizing a Festival is always a matter of friendship. When something happens with one of the members, the whole team is involved. This is also the same for the team of the 2nd Taqah Festival in the east of Salalah. Because of two people who passed away and whose families are active in the festival, and out of respect, the program of this evening was cancelled.

In this serene atmosphere I visited the tent of ‘Al Wafa Social Center for disabled children.’ This Center also existing in Salalah and Mirbat, had a little exposition of works made by the children on display. Taqah Al Wafa Center, established in 1991, offers social welfare services and takes care for 89 children with different disabilities. Buses bring the children of the mountains to the center.

DSCN2234 (640x480)DSCN2235 (640x480)

A little further on, I visited the tent of the ‘Omani Association for Elderly,’ above the sixty and older. Salwa, who is beside teacher also enthusiastic volunteer of the Association, guides me around. The Omani Association for Elderly started in Nizwa in 2011. In 2012 Salalah followed. Now there are six teams of volunteers all over Oman. The association in Salalah has thirty volunteers. Beside campaigns in schools and with the scouts, the Association is also involved in programs of the Ministry of Health and Social Affair. The goal is to improve the quality of life for the elderly in a way that meets their actual needs within the context of their home environment and their families. Wheelchairs, mattresses, eyeglasses, hearing aids, or anything that can assist the mobility of the elderly are provided. But also activities like competitions between the elderly fishermen during Taqah festival are organized. And this year four elderly from each region in Oman, thus also from Dhofar, who cannot effort the Hajj or pilgrimage to Mekka, will be sponsored by the Omani Association for Elderly. In total 45 elderly will be able to make the journey this year.

Courtesy Omani Association

Courtesy Omani Association for Elderly

Courtesy Omani Association for Elderly

Courtesy Omani Association for Elderly

Courtesy Omani Association for Elderly

Courtesy Omani Association for Elderly

Tomorrow,  the 2nd Festival of Taqah has horse racing, cultural events, classic boat race on display, at the Corniche along the beach from 4.30pm till 11.00pm

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