Re-view of a Festival (part 11)

With music, dance, a theatre play and an honoring ceremony the 2nd Festival of Taqah, in the east of Salalah, Dhofar came to an end. Eleven days the lifestyle of the fishermen and the people who lives in the mountain were on display. But this festival was also about meeting old and new friends, about competitivity in a sportive way, about enjoying. I enjoyed it all the way !!!

DSCN3710 (450x338) DSCN3737 (450x338) DSCN3713 (338x450) DSCN3820 (450x332) DSCN3857 (450x338) DSCN3867 (450x338) DSCN3869 (450x338) DSCN3838 (338x450) DSCN3901 (450x338) DSCN3883 (338x450) DSCN3896 (450x338) DSCN3903 (450x338)

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