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Yesterday, together with twenty other women I followed a lecture in the Photography Society in Salalah about how to process raw images the right way into Photoshop.

DSCN4110 (338x450)DSCN4113 (338x450)

For Shaima Awadh Said, who started photographing six months ago this lecture came on the right time. She can combine the knowledge she gets with her Graphic Design studies.

Ahlam Al-Yafei, who photographs already two years, want to refresh and to learn more about this subject.

Marwa Madiam Abidoon, who started photographing for six months, wants to know more about size, about how to improve the colors, so that the quality and the story of the photograph becomes more clear.

DSCN4111 (450x338)

The goal the women expressed, reminded me of a quote of one of my favorite fashion designers: Karl Lagerfeld. “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

To make this moment the best, such a lecture is necessary.

DSCN4125 (450x336)

For two hours this session, offered for free to the participants by the Photographic Society, Abdulhakim Al Ojaili was guest of honor. Recently he was won the Salon Gold Medal at the Digital Photo World exhibition in Serbia, with nature as theme. And in Bulgaria during the 2nd exhibition of portrait, his photo of the fishermen was honored by the UPI, United Photographers International.

Chameleon2 (1) (450x354)Fisherman2 (450x357)

Last month the Photography Society of Oman renewed their logo. The Photography Society in Salalah has more than 200 members. Three people manage activities for the members and support the members to take part at competitions, expositions, and organizing workshops. Everyone who has a heart for photography can contact the Photography in Salalah-Dhofar: 23299691-Sarah Amer. Also take a look at:,,


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