New waves

The Business Women group of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Salalah has a new manager. Amira Mohammed Ibrahim Al Hakim, who has her own beauty salon Princess of the Universe, started this new challenge by inviting the women. “I want to listen to them, to know their problems and to see what can be done. I want to encourage more women to start their own business. I want to organize the business club in the best way” she stated.

DSCN4629 (338x450)DSCN4630 (450x338)DSCN4645 (450x338)

At the same time Aneesa Mustheh Mabrook bint Mobarak, who is the first woman in Dhofar who manage the women sport branch of Al Nasr club and who organized already several projects for and with women of Dhofar, announced a new initiative. She will manage projects for men and women of Dhofar around work that can be done at home. For Oman it is the first project of that kind.

DSCN4637 (338x450) DSCN4650 (450x338) DSCN4679 (450x338)

Amira and Aneesa will be in close contact with each other, so that common problems for the participants involved can be solved in the most efficient way.

For information: working days 23297911, Nadia, Chamber of Commerce

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