Is there a way out…..?

There is always a way out in life. Only not in the case of ‘Shams Aldeen,’ the theatre play of the group with the same name, that performed yesterday in Salalah on the stage at the Ministry of Heritage and Culture. The performance fits in the 10th Dhofar Cultural Forum, launched at the end of March. The theatre contest has still two more plays to go.

DSCN4914 (338x450)

‘Shams Aldeen’ written by Saleh Obeid and directed by Almuatamid Alyafai is based on the story of the tyrant King with the ears of a donkey.

The performance tells about a hairdresser, like we have so many in Salalah and even in my country in Belgium. Still the hairdresser is the one who hears a lot of gossips, talks and secrets in his saloon. Everyone expects that he keeps them for himself.

DSCN4932 (450x328)DSCN4947 (338x450)

The hairdresser is unhappy. He is fed up by the talks at the end they don’t bring him money. When the hairdresser receives a secret of one of his costumers with the message not to tell it to anybody otherwise he would be killed, he is desperate and goes home. There his wife waits for him, fed up by the poor life she lives. She blames him of their poor situation and wants a divorce. The hairdresser totally confused, find it very hard to keep the secret. His wife tries to find out what the secret is, but he doesn’t want to tell. Eagerly to know, she follows him everywhere. When she is not able to find out, she minimizes the problem of her husband tell him to go out in the fields and let the secret out. Suddenly the hairdresser finds himself in the palace of the King with the ears of a donkey. He recognizes his wife as the King’s wife. In the second part of the play, the story of the tyrant King with the ears of a donkey repeats itself. There is no way out for the hairdresser and his wife, both are executed.

DSCN4965 (338x450)DSCN4985 (450x338)DSCN4993 (450x333)DSCN5001 (317x450)DSCN5004 (450x337)DSCN5024 (450x334)DSCN5045 (450x331)DSCN5056 (338x450)DSCN5052 (338x450)

The play that Shams Aldeen brought is more than a storytelling, it is about life itself, about  gossip, about relationships, about poverty, about desperately looking for a way out, about  tyranny. The scenography in the meaning of the light effects, the setting of the actors on the stage, the decor was in balance with the story. The connection between the story of the King with the ears of a donkey and the recent situation of the hairdresser (the major character) was mainly made by the role of the opponent. The play was followed by a lecture.



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