And the winners are….

The six day theater contest in the Ministry of Heritage and Culture in Salalah, fitting in the 10th Dhofar Cultural Forum, closed the doors. Under the auspices of the Chairman of the Municipal Council, Mr. Salim Aufait Abdullah Al-Shanfari the winners in several disciplines like best actor, best actresses, best directors were honored.

Drwish’ of Mazoon group won the first prize, followed by ‘Tears of incense’ of the Oman Child theater group and ‘Papers’ of the Dhofar group. The best script and best scenography went to ‘Scarecrow.’ ‘Drwish’ was also honored with the best prize in the fashion category. Also the play of ‘Zuhair‘ who won the National contest of Theater in Oman was re-honored. A photographic impression.

DSCN5483 (450x337)DSCN5506 (450x338) DSCN5507 (338x450) DSCN5524 (338x450) DSCN5586 (450x338) DSCN5603 (338x450) DSCN5595 (338x450) DSCN5615 (338x450) DSCN5621 (450x338) DSCN5627 (450x338) DSCN5636 (338x450)

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