Off the road

Dhofar color sounds

I am lucky. I can see the beautiful colors of Dhofar in the south of Oman, nearby the border with Yemen. But people who suffer color blindness, see the world in grayscale.

AAK_0068 (450x301)AAK_0068 (450x301) (2)DSC00920 (450x338)DSC00920 (450x338) (2)

Neil Harbisson, a Catalan raised, British born contemporary artist decided to find a solution for his problem. In 2003 he started the ‘Eyeborg’ project. A head-mounted sensor translates color frequencies into sound frequencies. With the Eyeborg, Harbisson became a cyborg, software and brain are united. Neil is the first person who wears his Eyeborg on his passport photo. In 2010 the Cyborg foundation was created. In 2014 he performed his first color conducted concert. For the event, he composed a piece of music based on the colors of Barcelona’s Palau de la Musica concert hall, and taught the 42 orchestra and choir members to ‘hear’ colours in the same way as he does.

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