Focal Point

Waiting for the Khareef (part 2)

Rainy songs.

This month ‘Salalah’ is waiting for the rain to come. Salalah is the only place in the whole of the Arabian Peninsula who deals with the magic of rain. Like a wizard, the rain, the moisture and the fog changes the arid environment. Flora and fauna start moving. And traditionally there is the yearly Salalah Tourism Festival. This year the Festival will begin on the second day of Eid Al Fitr towards the end of July, and will conclude on September 6. With the Khareef, the landscape becomes full of fairy tales.

“Rain” inspires musicians and choreographers. Characters in movies like rain. “I’m singing in the rain” is such an example. The story takes place at the beginning of the Sound–Era in Hollywood, 1927 and 1928.


Music composer Ashwin Palaparthi has set to tune his first-ever composition in Hindi titled ‘Rim Jhim’. The five and half minute song combines instruments such as chimes, saxophone, xylophone, violin, flute and ‘Veela Pakshi.’The instrument ‘Veela Pakshi’ was named so by Ashwin and is used by tribals in the Araku region in South India to hunt for birds.


Without words, nice to listen and to see is the “Rain song” of these children.

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