Reaching out hands

To give the opportunity to women to develop themselves in the skills they are good in, Amira Mohammed Ibrahim al Hakim, manager of the Business Women Group in Dhofar, organizes a two day workshop for free in Mirbat around  luban (incense) and Bukhur. Mirbat is situated in the east of Salalah, about 74km from Salalah.

IMG-20140616-WA0001 (338x450)IMG-20140616-WA0005 (338x450)IMG-20140616-WA0002IMG-20140616-WA0006 (450x338)

Photos courtesy of Amira

The use of luban is integrated in the daily life of the people in Dhofar. The production of Bukhur based on sandalwood, or other types of woods with a mixture of perfumes is traditionally a homemade product. The use is multifunctional. Bukhur perfumes the houses, the textiles, is part of celebrations, such as weddings. In Mirbat, 69 women attended the first day of the workshop. Besides demonstrations, experience was shared. Goal is that the women improve their products they offer or sell in shops or at home, so that they can improve their income. Within a few days another workshop with training will start in Salalah around make up, an  issue that is very lively in Dhofar especially for weddings.

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