Focal Point

Joining hands

For the first time the ‘Omani Association for Elderly Friends’ in Salalah went public. And then I mean the space were the event was organized. Twenty four elderly people, above sixty years old from Taqah, Mirbat, Salalah, and their relatives gathered in the Salalah Gardens mall. Not for shopping but for an afternoon full of information, a quiz, a sketch, lots of laughter and socializing in a relax way. Shoppers past by, stood still and became part of the event. Even people from abroad like the emirates were charmed. The event gave the elderly people a voice, so they could express their needs. One thing, accentuated within the story of the sketch, became very clear, the society and especially the family can take care for the elderly. It is all a matter of priorities. By distributing leaflets with advices and information the Omani Association for Elderly Friends underlined the fact that the quality of life for elderly can be improved in a way that meets their actual needs within the context of their home. Interesting was the call-up from one person in the audience to talk about this theme in the mosques, to collect money or to organize help and to join the hands together with the Association for Elderly Friends. At the end gifts in eco-friendly bags and certificates were given to the elderly and all the volunteers who made this event possible.

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The ‘Omani Association for Elderly friends’ was first established in Nizwa in 2011. In 2012 Salalah followed. Now there are six teams of volunteers all over Oman. The association in Salalah has thirty volunteers. Beside campaigns in schools and with the scouts, the Association is also involved in programs of the Ministry of Health and Social Affair.

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