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A whole week long youngsters between the age of 18 and 30 years old are invited to attend workshops of the Ministry of Social Development in cooperation with other ministries in Dhofar. The program is divided into three themes. Today the workshop around “ Getting married” started from 4.30pm till 8pm. More than fifty youngsters, men and women, could ask questions. Twenty five men who attended the workshop will marry in August. On the 24th another workshop around “volunteer work” will start. Youngsters will not only be informed about volunteer work and how to do it properly. On the 25th volunteer work will be put in practice. Work for a better environment will be done in Ittin, in the west of Salalah, around the festival area. The last workshop, one day, will focus on “drug prevention.”

In my opinion, the workshops are organized on the right time. After this week, Ramadan starts on the 29th of June. Ramadan is a time for reflection. During the workshops the youngsters will get a lot of ideas to think about.

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