Focal Point

Respect and Honor

During Ramadan, the holy month of fast, social ties are strengthened. Yesterday, under the auspices of the Ministry of Health, the Omani Association for Elderly Friends Salalah organized a gathering between elderly people from Taqah and Salalah and employees from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Development. The Director of Health Affairs Salalah and the Head of the Association with roots in Nizwa attended the event. Before the Iftar, the breaking of the fast, a poem, beautiful vocal songs and speeches were held. The message was clear. Being old doesn’t mean that you are outdated. If this is what you have in mind then you are the one who prevent connection and knowledge sharing with the elderly around you. Elderly people, your parents, deserve respect. When you make them happy, you become happy. Older people have to walk, so let them walk. When visiting the parents, share the visits among brothers and sisters, so that they are not overwhelmed by all the family members on one day. Listen to their needs, so that you can help them. After the Iftar, dinner was served. Elderly spoke about the way their Ramadan was in the past. Most of the food came directly from the rural village they lived in. Now everybody goes to the supermarkets and it are the housemaids who do the cooking. At the end of the event, a raffle was held and gifts were given. Wheelchairs were distributed to families.

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