Khareef festivities: Let’s celebrate… (part 4)

With drizzle rain and with a temperature of 27 degree, on the second day of Eid al Fitr, ‘ Salalah Tourism festival’ in Dhofar at the Ittin festival area, opened its doors. The whole area with children playground, with exposition halls, with shopping tents, with a traditional village full of handicraft and local gastronomy, with areas with fishing sceneries, with traditions of the mountains, with dance and music and with the Al Murooj theatre or concert hall awaits the guests with a very impressive program with one big message: it is time to celebrate and to socialize.

DSCN7486 (540x405) DSCN7491 (540x405) DSCN7494 (540x405) DSCN7496 (540x405) DSCN7498 (540x405) DSCN7510 (450x334) DSCN7513 (332x450) DSCN7518 (337x450) DSCN7521 (337x450) DSCN7522 (332x450) DSCN7532 (450x335) DSCN7544 (334x450)DSCN7508 (338x450)

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