Khareef festivities: looking back (part 8)

During my short stay in Belgium, my native country, a lot of interesting things happened in Oman in Salalah – Dhofar. Out of local newspapers I made this choice.

Family cohesion symposium

During the third edition of the Arab Family Coherence Conference entitled ‘Family Protection in the International Experiences’ the discussion with a wide participation at the level of the GCC and speakers from some Arab countries, ranged from the issues of divorce among families, neglected children, impact of televisions and Internet on the social fabric and the role religion can play in keeping family system intact. A senior member of the Committee on the Rights of the Child, United Nations, raised concern over rising rate of divorce in the GCC countries, especially among the newly-weds. She called for aggressive awareness campaign and setting up of specialized counseling centers on local levels under the guidance of highly trained and certified professionals.

Forum for the Blind

During the five day9th Forum for the Blind,’ organized by Al Noor Society for Blind in Dhofar Governorate under the theme “Khareef: Blind Forum” and with participation of societies from the GCC, Iraq and Yemen, the forum aimed to exchange experiences and highlight the cultural aspects of the blind, together with the society’s keenness to spread culture and education among the blind and vision-impaired persons by all means available. The forum comes as part of Salalah Tourism Festival 2014 to allow blind people highlight their talents and their different creative skills along with their personal experiences to challenge disability.

Copyr. ONA

Copyr. ONA

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