Music  for peace

Can poetry, prayer and music transcend the barriers of religion and language? The ‘Sufi Gospel Project’ that I attended yesterday in the Indian Social Club in Salalah under the patronage of the Indian Embassy, was a fine example of the role that music can play in uniting people despite their faith and language. For Sonam Kalra, who started the project in 2011, belonging to the Sikh religion and often asked why she also sings Gospel the answer is very clear: “God has no religion.” A strong statement in a world where people are still killed for what they believe in.

DSCN7863 (540x405)

That the music was performed by a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu… became irrelevant. The music emerged through a collaborative and dynamic organic process. What I experienced was a group of people who combined their musical abilities and improvisation in a very delightful way. They enjoyed every minute of their performance and invited us to take part in it. The blend of traditional western gospel sounds with Indian classical sounds made the performance so readable and recognizable that I enjoyed the concert from the first minute. The Indian spiritual texts enriched by elements of western poetry and projected on big screens created an atmosphere that touched the soul of everyone.  And at that moment the barriers of religion and language don’t exist anymore. The only thing that came in place was peace in my mind and my heart.

DSCN7876 (540x405)DSCN7885 (540x405)DSCN7868 (540x405)DSCN7872 (405x540)DSCN7886 (540x405)DSCN7857 (540x405)

‘Sufi Gospel Project’ till the 16th of September also performed in Sohar and Muscat.

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