Without Words- Out of the Subject

The exhibition in the Omani Society for Fine Arts in Salalah-Dhofar, still running till the end of September, surprises. The exhibition is a result of a workshop given by Anwar Sonia, one of Oman’s first professional artists and a founding member of the Omani Society for Fine Arts (OSFA). His favourite style to work is the abstract style. Abstraction of the subject was the main goal of the workshop. Anwar learned the 18 participants, with a majority of female artists, to feel the subject, to leave the subject as it appears in front of the eye, to create a composition with a degree of independence from the visual reference. For achieving this goal, techniques were taught. The results of the workshop are amazing. The exhibition shows vivid paintings full of colorful swirls, light, movement, stories. I made a personnel choice without talking with the artists who made them. It became a journey on his own, out of the subject.

Photo0050 (490x540) Photo0058 (540x405) Photo0055 (386x540) Photo0043 (540x534) Photo0049 (540x404) Photo0067 (451x540)

Exhibition of the workshop, till the End of September in the gallery of the Omani Society for Fine Arts nearby the KFC building from 8am till 8pm.




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