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International Day of Peace

21st of September should be devoted to the ideals of peace among all nations and people. This day is a call for ceasefire, for an end of war and violence. With John Lennon’s iconic song “Imagine” the United Nations, who established the day in 1981, underscores that all people have right to peace. “Education” plays an immense role in building up a culture of peace. Education is a key tool in combating poverty, in promoting peace, social justice, human rights, democracy, cultural diversity and environmental awareness. When the current leader Sultan Qaboos took over power in Oman in 1970, Education for boys ánd girls was his first and prior concern. “There should be education, even under the shadow of trees,” one can read in the 1972 speech of Sultan Qaboos on the occasion of the 2nd National Day. In 1970 there were only three rudimentary schools for boys in the entire country, with a total of 909 pupils. For the academic year 2014-2015, 267.547 male and 261.922 female students, attended the first day in 1053 schools across Oman. Ninety percent of the schools are run by the government. Still actions to connect the youth with the reality of life like having a job, a good marriage, and actions to improve the quality of  life for disabled youngsters and youngsters with autism are in the pipeline.

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This year Oman celebrated his 44th Renaissance Day in Peace and Prosperity. The Sultanate has been ranked at the 45th place out of 162 countries in the Global Peace Index (GPI) 2013 published by the Institute for Economics and Peace — going up by 14 positions from the year before.

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