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“According to the annual 2014 report of World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), the travel and tourism industry in Oman supported 37,000 jobs directly in 2013 and this is expected to grow by 11.4 per cent in 2014 to 41,000 jobs,” one can read in local newspapers. “The country is currently perceived as offering extremely attractive investment opportunities for hotel groups and other tourist-related industries, largely owing to rising domestic tourism and regional tourism, supported by an increase in higher disposable incomes.” Today, the Ministry of Tourism Salalah-Dhofar organized an informative workshop for Small and Medium Enterprises to invest in the tourism sector. Besides the exchange of experiences, obstacles faced by the SME sector or by the participants who want to invest in projects were discussed. The participants were also informed about the different financing schemes of the Al Raffd fund. Goal of Al Raffd is to fund a wide variety of business ventures to spur self-employment. The Al Raffd Fund started its operations in January this year after being established through a Royal Decree last year. To support investors the Ministry of Tourism and Al Raffd Fund joined hands. This type of workshop was the first in his kind.

For ‘Amani’ who has plans, this kind of workshop is very important. “I want to inform myself as much as I can about my possible opportunities. I want to hear the experience of others, so that I can start my project not only in a proper way but also in a strong way.”

For ‘Hassan’ this workshop gives him the opportunity to be informed about what is going on. I can talk about the things I face in tourism, the things that I see that happens. By pointing them out, solutions can be found.

For ‘Yousef ’ of Around the Ocean in these types of workshops you can be heard. Experiences can be discussed and shared.

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