Omani ‘National’ Women Day

17 October is Omani National Women Day. The date was chosen by the current leader Sultan Qaboos, to celebrate the many achievements of Omani women. The whole week a lot of events took place in the whole of Oman. ‘The Royal Opera’ in Muscat honoured the day with a musical tribute to Omani women. In an exclusive interview on ‘The Talk’ of Oman Observer, ‘Iman al Ghafari, Chairperson of Omani Women Association Board of Directors’ stated : “When we educate women today, we ought to look at how we can contribute to the country as an individual rather than a man or a woman because that is how the country is addressing us. When you go through His Majesty Sultan Qaboos’ adresses to the nation and look how the regulations have been formed, you realise that everyone has been addressed as citizens without differentiation. However there is a difference between regulation and culture…..” In the celebration of ‘Muscat Business Centre,’ President Zahra al Ajmia pointed out that Omani women has the potentials that qualify her to be in the top positions in the country, one can read in Oman Observer. In the same article, guest of honour, Dr. Khalifa al Hadrami, Deputy Chairman of Supreme Court said that it is very difficult to count the achievements of women in Oman. However, he gave figures of women working in the juridical sector. “There are 36 public prosecution members, 168 secretaries in courts, 97 session executives, and 686 officer in the Judicial Affairs Council,” explaining that issue of supporting women is one of the strongest issues in the world…..” In Salalah in the south of Oman Nada Ahmed Al Sheikh, in daily life a mathematical and science teacher, and in her free time an event organizer, honored the Omani National Women Day with a Salalah fashion show. Five designers based in Salalah were able to point out their skills in designing abaya’s, traditional clothes for marriages, in a contemporary style.

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