My way of looking good…..

A wedding in Oman and especially in Salalah needs a lot of preparation. Not only for the bride and the groom but also the families and relatives take part in this. For the women it means choosing nice henna design, going to the hairdresser, renting beautiful clothes for this one night and putting make up focused on the eyes in particular.

In ‘Princess of the Universe,’ fifteen women were challenged to show what they learned in a four day make up course. The free course, eight hours in total, given by Muna Bkhieet and organised by Amira Mohammed Ibrahim al Hakim, the owner of the beauty salon, wants to give the opportunity to women to develop themselves in the skills they are good in. “The reason why they do it is not so important. Just the fact that they are able to learn the things they are interested in, is what matters,” says Amira. “It makes the women strong and it gives them the opportunity to meet other women.” In a friendly atmosphere, with lot of laughter, eight women were rewarded for their make up with a small amount of money each and a free beauty treatment in the Universe of Amira. During the diner women could exchange their view to make up. Plans for following other workshops coming up soon were made. Everybody went at home with a big smile on the face. It reminds me on a quote of Marilyn Monroe: “A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.”

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