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Walk for quality of life

October is breast cancer awareness month. Also in Oman. Today, in Muscat, for the 11th time, there is the annual cancer walkathon organized by the Oman Cancer Association (OCA). OCA is a patient advocacy group, founded by Hon.Yuthar Al-Rahawy, a fourth time cancer survivor. Breast cancer is the most prevalent in the country, one can read in Muscat Daily. “What is alarming is the unfortunate trend of younger women (below the age of 40) being diagnosed with the disease.”

Last year in Y-pulse of Oman one could read that “young women aged as young as 30 are being diagnosed with breast cancer, much earlier than average rates around the world. Breast cancer is the most widespread form of cancer in Oman and represents around 16,4 % of all cancers in women. According to the Ministry of Health there were 122 cases of breast cancer in the Sultanate in 2010 and the number of cases among the younger generation has gone up with 18,3 cases per 100,000 among women aged between 30-44 years. Researchers are now trying to pinpoint possible causes for the alarming figures.”

In the meanwhile, from 2009 until now, OCA’s mobile mammography unit has screened over 11.000 women for free all over the country. Last year, schools were visited by the Association. This year, the OCA has purchased their own ultrasound machine. In Times of Oman Hon. Yuthar AL-Rahawy stated: This machine will allow better screening and will enable the OCA to offer follow up appointments free of cost to the patients, screened in the Mobile Mammography Unit.”

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