Eager to learn

Still life paintings are the best way to discover and practice the basic techniques of drawing and painting. With the result, that you can apply the techniques in any subject in art. The practice of this style strengthens the natural level of drawing and painting abilities. Twelve women who want to develop their painting skills attended a two week course in the Omani Society for Fine Art. By painting still lives, their teacher and artist Mayada based in Salalah, learned them in a smoothly and very personal approach how to observe and look to the shape of objects, and the area around the objects, to patterns, to tone and colours, and the mix of colours.  Each pupil worked from a photo with a painting of a still life. It was exciting to see how they managed to try to be as accurate in their reproduction.

For ‘Marwa Khalid,’ who is interested in pop art and has already exposed her works and who has attended several workshops, this course gave her the opportunity to look closer to the techniques, to develop further on her skills.

Buthaina Said,’ who called herself a beginner and attended already some workshops, likes to  develop herself in painting. This course gives her more insights in still life painting. She also like to get new ideas regarding her painting skills from expert people like Mayada.

Siham’ who likes to draw in pencil, attended the course to see if using colours suites her. It was the first time she attended a course. She wants to try something new.

DSCN8863 (338x450) DSCN8893 (450x338) DSCN8869 (338x450) DSCN8884 (450x338) DSCN8885 (450x331) DSCN8886 (450x321) DSCN8897 (338x450)

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