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Royal Speech waves (part 4)

18th November is National Day in Oman. On that day, in 1940, the current leader Sultan Qaboos, the architect of the modernization of the Sultanate was born.  Today 26 and tomorrow 27 are national holidays for the private and the public sector. In this part, I made my personal choice of some special projects that still took place on the occasion of the 44th National Day Celebrations.

DSCN8282 (500x375)

On November 18th the Royal Opera House Muscat (ROHM) organised a special event for his staff. A documentary titled, Dawn of the Renaissance, comparing Oman before and after the dawn opened the event.

DSCN8281 (500x375)

On the 21st of November a Solidarity March of the Indian Social Club in Salalah was organized. The Indian Society invited everyone to join. For this occasion a cake of 44 kg was cut.

Courtesy Joseph Bjbinoy Indian Social Club

Photo Courtesy Joseph Bjbinoy Indian Social Club

On November 24th a poetry recitation evening, titled ‘A tribute to our leader,’ at Bait al Zubair in Muscat was organized.

DSCN8283 (500x375)

Also during this special month there was the soft launch of the opening of the ‘National Museum’ in Muscat. In Salalah-Dhofar the completion of 93 per cent of Salalah Airport was announced.

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