For women only

Since 3 months, women in Salalah-Dhofar can meet one another in ‘Noon Café,’ a coffee house only for women without their children and husband. The idea came from Um Saud from Kuwait. “In fact I came to Oman to build a house. I have a land in Salalah. I am still waiting to start the construction. In the meanwhile I used to go to restaurants and coffee shops. But I didn’t find many proper places where ladies can meet. So ‘Noon Café’ was born.

DSCN8858 (450x338)

Together with the help of an engineer from Syria, I tried to create a unique place for women where they feel at ease. Where they can chat, where they can retry themselves from the hectic of the household or work or where they just can have a nice meeting together. Beside the space for drinking delicious coffee, fresh made fruit juices, or for eating little snacks and sweets, special VIP rooms for ten till fifty people for special occasions as birthday parties, seminars or workshops with buffet possibilities were created. We decorated the spaces with the purple colour in the main role. A colour that is used a lot in the private homes. Comfortable seats, curved ceilings with soft neon light did the rest.”

DSCN8805 (450x338)DSCN8840 (338x450)DSCN8825 (338x450)

While talking with Um Saud I had to taste some new and delicious recipes. “My profession is cooking. So I give the ideas through to the team that works here. Also my daughters, who regular comes from Kuwait to visit the place gives advices or try things out. In fact without the enthusiasm and support of my family, my five kids and my husband, I could not create ‘Noon Café.’

DSCN8931 (338x450)

DSCN8777 (450x338) DSCN8820 (338x450)

NOON CAFE, nearby Muscat Pharmacy, beside Al Hana hotel.

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