From women to women

Yesterday, in Salalah-Dhofar, the ‘Thank You Society’ led by Muna Salim al AlMashani and Um Saud from ‘Noon Cafe’ joined hands for an evening from women to women. The message of this special event was send by social media. The response was huge. Also women of Taqah and of the Omani Women Association were present. Extra chairs had to be brought. The goal was twofold. Women came to know ‘Noon Cafe‘, the place par excellence, where they can meet other women without husband or children. The ‘ Thank You Society’ could inform the women about their objectives. Besides the informative talks, poetry was recited and a small fashion show for kids was organized. In a special corner handicraft was showcased.  Also there information could be shared from women to women. While listening to traditional music and while drinking a delicious cup of coffee or a fresh-made cocktail from the house, Omani food could be tasted. Again this was a tribute from women to women. My photographic impression goes to all the women I met at Noon Cafe.

DSCN9381 (450x338)DSCN9445 (450x337)DSCN9404 (336x450)DSCN9394 (319x450)DSCN9386 (450x338)DSCN9396 (332x450)DSCN9390 (338x450)DSCN9430 (239x450)DSCN9377 (280x450)DSCN9437 (450x338)DSCN9446 (450x342)

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